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What you see is what you edit..

SilverAdmin allows you and your often non-technical customers to manage modules, menus and articles from the front end of the website! To do this SilverAdmin adds different smart "edit" icons to many elements on the Joomla! website. Secondly, it adds a simplified management panel to the right of the Joomla! website for quickly adding new articles, menus or modules.

Are you sick of explaining how Joomla! works,
just so your customer can add or edit a single article? 


Don't want to login to the Joomla! administrator
to make changes that should take seconds, not minutes?


Want to change the position of a module just
by clicking the module and the new position?

The solution?
The revolutionary SilverAdmin!


FOR ONLY €49,-
 Available instantly after purchase
Including one year of personal support and updates, and the unencrypted extension for use on unlimited websites, excluding 21% VAT for some EU orders
Accepted payment methods
 Yes, you can keep using SilverAdmin after the one-year support and downloads period expires
 After the first year you can renew your access to support and downloads with a 30% discount
 Ask us any question you might have or read our presale questions before you buy

Add new articles (and menu-items) in a few clicks

After logging in to the front end of the Joomla! website, click "New article" in the simplified management panel that appears on the right of the website. Or use the buttons above your blog / featured layout. This will launch a user friendly wizard that guides you through the process of adding a new article. This process is a lot simpler than the administrator article manager as it includes a layout chooser and a minimalistic interface that only shows the most required options by default. 

After creation a new article, you will not have to visit the menu manager to add it to the correct menu. SilverAdmin allows you to select the correct position for the menu item, directly in the article edit view, with just a few clicks. 

A better front-end editing experience 

You will no longer have to search in a database full of articles just to edit the article you just viewed on the site. With SilverAdmin every article (and menu, menu-item and module for that matter) receive smart edit icons that open a specialised SilverAdmin article editor which is off course user friendlier then the default Joomla! editor. 

Learn more about SilverAdmin and articles

Why did I create SilverAdmin?

My name is Tim Schutte, the creator of SilverAdmin and a Joomla! website developer at SilverDesign.

When completing Joomla! websites for my customers I often notice that they lack the technical skill and specific Joomla! knowledge to do do a few simple tasks such as maintaining the website, editing articles or moving modules. These customers are not interested in learning to use the Joomla! administrator. They want to keep their site up to date with as less effort as possible.

That is why I created SilverAdmin, the ultimate solution to making Joomla! user friendly to non-technical users. As a positive side affect, I noticed that when using SilverAdmin myself, even as an experienced Joomla! developer, I now complete my Joomla! websites a lot faster.
— Tim Schutte, Silverdesign.nl

Create and assign new modules while browsing

Casually browsing a Joomla! website when you notice a nice location for a new module? With SilverAdmin, just hit "New module" and select a module position directly in the site to add that module exactly where you want it. You have full control, as all module configuration options are also available in SilverAdmin. 

Visually move and edit existing modules 

Move a module in two clicks, directly from it's current position in your website, to the new position. Click the "move module" icon, selecting a module position, and you are done. Re-ordering, editing, deleting or copying a module is just as easy with the respective icons. 

Learn more about SilverAdmin and modules

Joris: "Yes, now Joomla! is easy to use!"

Sometimes Joomla! is complicated for my customers. To create a menu-item with an article: go to administrator, create an article, go to the menu manager, create a menu-item (yes you can choose many different menu item types...), link the menu item to the article, and so on. This is one of the nice solutions of Silver Admin. Move modules at the frontend by clicking the position you see, fantastic! Ordering menu items with one click in the frontend! Now I can tell my clients: "Yes, Joomla! is easy to use" :-)
— Joris Stolker, Stip Communication

Just click to add a new page to any menu

Adding a new page in the administrator of Joomla! just takes too much work. With SilverAdmin this is a lot quicker, as you can use the dynamic "New item" button to add a menu item directly to the menu and page you are currently viewing, and optionally create the accompanying article as well. 

Edit menus and menu-items on the spot

Need to change a menu title or location? Or re-order a few menu items? This can be done without visiting the Joomla! administrator. SilverAdmin adds the same smart icons to menu-items and menus. This allows you to do all your menu management from the front end of your website. It saves you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent searching for the correct menu or menu item and adjusting "filter" drop-downs. 

Learn more about SilverAdmin and menus

David-Andrew: "Make Joomla! the most user friendly CMS"

Joomla! is great because it is extremely powerful! But with this power also comes complexity. For experienced users, this is not a problem. That's another story for end-users which only occasionally need to add or edit a few pages on their website. That's where SilverAdmin comes in. I am extremely happy to see there is now a solution to make Joomla! the most user friendly CMS on the planet! Even users with no technical experience can manage their website almost without instructions.
— David-Andrew, Chill Creations



SilverAdmin supports:

 Do I get support with SilverAdmin? Yes!

 Is SilverAdmin code encrypted? No!

 Can I use it on all my websites? Yes!

 Read more presale questions or ask us directly!

Yes, SilverAdmin is available or can be translated into your language!

Take SilverAdmin for a risk-free 45-day test drive.
That's how confident we are about our work!