SilverAdmin is all about easy front-end administration. Managing your site will be faster, user friendly and more fun.

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Add an article to a menu in Two simple steps

Just select a menu where you want to put your article enter a title and text and you're done. You can choose between the article wizard or the article manager. End-users will have no problem remembering these simple steps.


Edit your modules, menus and content while browsing you're site

Where can I find the module on the contact page in the down right corner...? Thats if you already know it is a module. SilverAdmin gives these website elements (modules, menus, articles) an edit icon. With these the administrator can directly edit and manage those items.


Create and place new modules by selecting a position in the website.

Positions made visual within the site. When adding a module all positions will open and be selectable for placement of a new module. Or just move your modules around.


 More features:

  • Create and place a new menu and add menu items to it.
  • Move modules and menu-items on the fly.
  • A "new menu item" wizard for the most common used menu types.
  • A front-end article manager which lets you create an article with a menu attached to it at the same time.
  • An article wizard where you can create good looking articles by selecting a predefined layout.
  • A simple website configuration without advanced server settings and stuff you don’t want your customers to play with.
  • Implemented ACL you can turn on/off SilverAdmin functionality by user group.
  • Single sign-on with the Joomla! administration.
  • A nice logout button.


For all features check the four categories below

View the instruction videos per category or view them all here

Instruction video's like:
Login, logout, Article manager, configuration manager, template manager, switch edit mode

Instruction video's like:
Add / edit / delete / disable / order / copy / move modules, module visibility options

Instruction video's like:
Add / delete / edit /oder menu items,  New menu, New menu item wizard, New sub menu item

 Instruction video's like:
Article wizard, edit article, add to featured page, add to blog page, New article in menu

SilverAdmin supports:

 Do I get support with SilverAdmin? Yes!

 Is SilverAdmin code encrypted? No!

 Can I use it on all my websites? Yes!

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