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  • General

    • 1. Can I use Silveradmin with a 3rd party template?

      Yes!  SilverAdmin is template independent and should be able to work with most templates out there.

      When the template is poorly written this can have its effect on how SA displays.

      If you have trouble using SilverAdmin on a particulair template system please contact us.

      We have succesfully tested SA with the following templates:

      • Joomla Basic Templates.
      • Other custom templates who are constructed in a manner Joomla! describes.
      • Templates which use the gantry framework (Tested on version:v4.1.17)
      • Templates which use the Joomlart T3 framework (Tested on version: ja_t3_blank 2.5.7)


      There are known problems with the following templates / frameworks

      - Templates wich use the WARP 6 framework. (You can download a patch here)

      - Templates wich use the WARP 7 framework. (No patch yet, please send me a request when needed. )

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    • 2. When I try to edit a module or menu the administrator loggin appears

      This is because the Joomla back-end session has expired. This hapens when you have been idle for a while. When you log out and in again the problem is solved.

      You can set the session time in the system -> global configuration | systems tab : Session settings.

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    • 3. No menu item icons visible?

      This is probably because you are using a 3rd party menu module or a menu module override.

      The menu items are found by their class or id in the li element. And your setup most likely has an other menu item prefix.

      To fix this look into the source code and find the prefix used in the menu. Then go to the "silveradmin settings" in the joomla administration and add it to the prefix box. The prefixes are used fort he class as wel as the id of the li element.

      SilverAdmin - Administration - Silveradmin settings 2014-03-20 17-07-18 2014-03-20 17-07-20

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    • 4. The SilverAdmin panel is not showing

      This is usualy the result of a javascript conflict. Most common a second jQuery library is loaded.

      See if another extension is adding jQuery to the site and see if you can disable it.

      You can also disable the SilverAdmin jQuery in the SilverAdmin setting in the back-end. But this is disabled by default in the Joomla 3.x version

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    • 5. Installing & updating

      To install SilverAdmin to your site download the package from the website and install it with the Joomla installer in the Joomla administration.

      Update the SilverAdmin package with the Joomla installer. (You don't have to remove the previous version)

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  • Compatibility other extensions

    • 1. Does SA work together with Nonumber advanced module manager

      Yes you can do front-end module editing with advanced module manager.

      Unfortunatly the visibility functions of silveradmin do not influence the Advanced modulemanager visibility settings. This because the advanced module manage has its own way of handling this data. And does not uses the standard Joomla settings. Maybe support for this will be added in the feature

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SilverAdmin supports:

 Do I get support with SilverAdmin? Yes!

 Is SilverAdmin code encrypted? No!

 Can I use it on all my websites? Yes!

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