Silveradmin is a front-end administration tool for Joomla! Websites. With it you can edit all elements of your website (modules, menus and content) by pressing their edit buttons. You have access to a front-end article manager, an article wizard and a simplified website configuration admin.

This guide provides information on how to download, install and configure the Silveradmin package and how to use the different administration tools.

Download, install and configure

To obtain the Silveradmin download package you must have an active subscription to do so.
You can get a Silveradmin subscription here.

When you already have a subscription you can download it here.

After downloading the package you simply install it by using the Joomla extension manager.

After installation you should see the SilverAdmin menu item in the components menu.



By default SilverAdmin is enabled for all registered accounts. In the SilverAdmin settings you can specify which user-group should have access to the front-end administration.

And you can also give access rights for each menu task separately.



** The front-end administration uses parts of the back-end administration. so make sure the groups also have sufficient rights for accessing modules, templates and the SilverAdmin component in the back end.

In order to use SilverAdmin in the website you should have a login menu item or a login module active in the front end.

A direct link to the user login is : index.php?option=com_users&task=login

Edit buttons

As you see below, there are three types of edit buttons: Green for modules, blue for menu-items and yellow for content items. By clicking one of them you will be able to edit that particular item in a modal window.


  Edit module
  Edit menu item


When hovering a module edit button more tasks will become visible:


  Edit module
  Order up module
  Order down module
  Move module
  Delete module
  New menu item (Only when it is a menu module)


The menu items edit bar icons work the same way. The content items only have the one edit button.

SilverAdmin menu

After logging in the SilverAdmin menu will be visible in the upper right corner of the screen.
** By clicking the logo the menu pane will minimize in case you need to access something behind it.

Article manager


With the article manager you have a complete overview of all articles in the website.
In this overview it’s possible to Create, Edit, Move, Publish/Depublish or Delete articles
Also you see when they are attached to a menu item and you can search for articles here.



When you select select an article in the article manager you will be taken to the same edit article screen as when you select a yellow edit button in the website.
In here you can edit the most common article parameters and also attach it to a new menu item at the same time. Or move it between menus.

Article wizard



In the article wizard you can create a new article from several predefined layouts. It clearly shows how the article will look when it has been created. After saving the layout you will be taken to the article editor for further editing or to attach it to a new menu-item.

Adding a new menu or module

When creating a new menu or module all positions of the template will be visible. You can select a position just by clicking on it in the website.


 Add new items with the "New menu item" wizard




And edit the module parameters


Website configuration



In the website configuration you can edit the basic website parameters without having to worry about changing “site breaking” settings.


Hiding a module edit button.
You can hide a module edit button by adding this to the module class suffix: sdhideadmin
Don’t forget to add a space before the class.

Fixing absolute positioned modules
In some template modules ar absolute positioned relative to the body. When the edit buttons are placed these modules wil not show correctly. In order to fix this there are 4 commands you can use.


If you have more than one template you can set these values per template by putting the template id in the middle like this:


For further fixing you can also use:


Display fixing:



You can uninstall SilverAdmin by uninstalling the SilverAdmin package in the
extention manager in the manage section.

Or uninstall the following extentions separate:






SilverAdmin supports:

 Do I get support with SilverAdmin? Yes!

 Is SilverAdmin code encrypted? No!

 Can I use it on all my websites? Yes!

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